Your hair and makeup wedding planner

Your hair and makeup wedding planner

I get a lot of questions as to when brides should be thinking about different aspects of their hair and makeup and how best to prepare for their wedding day. Here is my guide to your hair and makeup planning schedule to ensure you look your best on the big day.

12-18 months to go

Book your hair stylist and makeup artist as soon as you know your wedding date. In the last few years we have been taking bookings earlier and earlier as more brides realise the importance of beautifully styled hair and perfectly applied makeup, and the difference they can make to brides’ confidence, both in person and in photographs. Usually deposits are very affordable and will give you peace of mind that you have crossed another (very important) thing off your list.


12 months to go

If you have a rather slapdash attitude towards your skincare, now is the time to change it. You don’t have to spend a fortune, though cosmeceutical products that get to work deep in the skin will have a far greater effect than high street products that only work superficially on the top layer or two, but ditch the facewipes and get yourself a rinse off cleanser and moisturiser as the bare minimum.

Book in regular hair appointments to keep your locks in good condition and plan colour appointments to coincide with your big day.


6-12 months to go

If you want to invest a little more time and money in your skin – and who doesn’t want their skin looking fresh and glowing on their big day? –  book in for monthly to six-weekly facials with a facialist who uses results driven cosmeceutical brands such as DermaQuest, Medik8 or Skinceuticals. Here at Blush! we use DermaQuest, a science based brand that delivers incredible results with regular facials and good ‘at home’ care. We are also very happy to advise on a skincare regime that fits in with your lifestyle and skin care requirements.

Start to think seriously about the hair style and makeup look you would like for your wedding day and begin to gather pictures to show your makeup artist and hair stylist. Even if you like lots of different styles, there will usually be an emerging theme. Book your trial as early as possible as we get very booked up, especially during the spring and summer months.


3 months to go

If your bridesmaids aren’t particularly interested in skin care, it may be a bit much to ask them to start a full skincare regime a year before the wedding, but if they want their makeup to sit beautifully and last all day, they really do need to pay attention to their skin. Why not treat them to a mini skincare kit as a pre-wedding gift? It doesn’t have to be pricy but will be a lovely pampering gift for them.

Start to think about hair home care products. If your hair is frizzy, start using smoothing shampoo and conditioner or consider volume products if your locks are fine and tend to be flat.


2 months to go

Have your hair and makeup trial so that you know exactly how you will look on your big day. You can then finalise any hair pieces or a veil that you need if you have not chosen these already.

Ask bridesmaids to gather images of hair and makeup that they like in preparation for the wedding day.


3 weeks to go

Have your final hair cut and colour before the wedding. If you are having highlights, make sure you have a full head so there is no two-tone hair on the big day.

Have your final facial.


24 hours to go

Exfoliate your face so that your skin is super smooth, allowing the makeup to sit flawlessly. Steer clear of face masks and facials in the week before the wedding just in case you have a reaction.

Wash your hair unless it gets particularly oily or limp, or unless you feel dirty without freshly washed hair.


The big day

Cleanse and moisturise as usual, and if you would like to wear sunscreen, check with your makeup artist whether s/he carries one and, if not, which brand will sit well underneath makeup and will not cause flashback in photographs. Please see May’s blog post for my personal favourites. Sunscreen should be applied as early as possible to allow lots of time for it to sink into the skin.

Wash your hair if you need to and make sure it is bone dry, unless you are having a blowdry. Ensure that all members of your bridal party are ready to start 15 minutes before their allocated time slot in case your artist/stylist is running early.

Finally, make sure that you have your touch up kit ready and know who is carrying it for you. This should include powder or blotting papers to minimise shine, a blusher and your lipstick or gloss.