About Nouveau Lashes


For over ten years, Nouveau Lashes have developed and honed their lash treatments and products and have quickly become the authority in lashes and lash care among professionals. Such is Nouveau’s reputation, they have been presented with Guild Awards of Excellence in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Nouveau Lashes’ revolutionary treatments are delivered by skilled beauty therapists trained to Nouveau Lashes’ highest standard. Pre-treatment consultations are in-depth and designed to discover the appropriate, as well as the desired, look and take into account eye shape, lash length and thickness, colour and the client’s lifestyle and future plans. Each step of the treatment is explained including the all-important aftercare regime, vital to maintain your beautiful new lashes.

Nouveau Lashes is dedicated to being a cruelty free brand and is also vegan where possible. Lash extension treatments are wholly vegan, though at present LVL treatments (containing lanolin and hydrolysed collagen) and the Nouveau Lashes mascara (containing beeswax) are not, though the company is looking into creating completely vegan LVL treatments and mascara in the future.