If you’re heading off on holiday, looking forward to a special occasion, gearing up for the party season, or just want fuller and longer looking lashes, Blush! can help.

I offer two different types of treatment: LVL, standing for Lift, Volume, Length, is a 45 min-1 hour treatment where I lift your natural lashes from the root to create a curled effect, after which I tint them to give them more volume and length. Extend is a 2 hour treatment in which I use individual lashes and adhere them to the root of your natural lashes to give a fuller (and longer if you wish) effect. Read more about LVL here and Extend here.


What do I need to do before my Nouveau Lashes treatment?

Prior to booking your first Nouveau Lashes treatment, I recommend either popping in or telephoning to discuss the treatment and look you have in mind. I will then be able to tailor the treatment to you or suggest an alternative. If you are having an LVL treatment you must either visit my studio to complete a patch test to check for any sensitivity to the products used or I can send one in the post at a small additional cost. This must be completed a minimum of 48 hours prior to your treatment.

Do I need to remove my contact lenses before my treatment?

All lash treatments are suitable for those who wear contact lenses, however I do ask you to remove them before your treatment. You can put them back in immediately afterwards if necessary.

Can I have a lash treatment if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Due to changes in hormones in pregnancy and breastfeeding I am unable to perform lash treatments at this time.

Do Nouveau lash treatments damage your natural eyelashes?

No. Nouveau products go through rigorous testing to ensure they’re kind to your lashes. Providing you follow the aftercare instructions and return to the studio for any maintenance and removal procedures where required you will not damage your natural eyelashes. However, some people are unaware that your eye lashes naturally shed every 90 days, so if your natural eyelash falls out, whilst you have lash extensions attached, it may simply be at the end of its cycle and will naturally grow back.

Are Nouveau lash treatments painful?

Lash treatments are not painful, and most clients actually find them quite relaxing. It’s an opportunity to lie back, close your eyes and rest.

Can I wear makeup after my lash treatment?

Yes you can. However, I recommend using water-based mascara only following any lash extension treatment (you can purchase this from me if you wish to do so) and avoid oil based eye makeup removers so not to damage the adhesive bond your eyelashes are applied with. Following LVL it is best to leave the eye area free of makeup for 24 hours to allow the treatment to reach its full effect, but then you are free to apply makeup as normal.

Can I go swimming after my lash treatment?

You cannot get your lash extensions wet for the first 48 hours following application, or 24 hours for LVL. To keep your lashes looking their best we do recommend avoiding full submersion of the lash in water (through activities such as swimming) for the first 48 hours or for extended periods of time.

I think I’ve had an allergic reaction, what should I do?

Signs of an allergic reaction are redness, swelling, itching, burning and pain in the eye. If you think you are experiencing a reaction to a Nouveau Lashes treatment, I recommend returning to the studio immediately to have the lashes removed. If the reaction is significant, or you are unable to return, please seek medical assistance – do not wait. It is key that prior to any treatment is performed, you follow the pre-treatment procedure and patch test provided to prevent the risk of an allergic reaction.