Winter Weather Hair Woes

Winter Weather Hair Woes

Damp, rainy weather plays havoc with most people’s hair, but there are ways to keep your locks looking lovely rather than lacklustre. Here are some top tips for the most problematic hair types – curly girls – this one is for you!

If you have…

Long, curly, fine hair. The weather will cause your locks to become limp with frizzy ends and/or fluffy.  Getting your hairstyle to work in its natural form solves half the problem. A blob of light mousse or gel, but not too much as to overload the hair, and a small amount of serum should be gently scrunched into the hair and left until locks are about 80% dry. You can then finish off with a hairdryer.

Long, curly, thick hair. To combat frizz, mix a generous amount of leave-in conditioner with serum, apply to your hair and leave to dry naturally for as long as possible before a quick blast with the hairdryer to finish. The leave-in conditioner should be used in conjunction with, rather than instead of, your usual, wash out conditioner.

Short, curly, thick hair. A damp atmosphere will lead to frizz and fluffiness. When your hair is wet, work through a thick, heavy wax or pomade which will coat the hair solving the fluffiness and also give texture to the curl.

Curly hair that has been dried straight. Damp weather will turn your hair fluffy and create waves throughout the hairline. After blow drying with a conditioning relaxing balm, try applying a light wax or cream over the whole head. This will help to protect your hair from misty weather and humidity, although not rain – for that you will definitely need an umbrella.

Long, straight hair. Dank weather will cause flyaway hair and loss of body. Try blow drying your hair with a volumising product, and, when dry, protect with a light mist of flexible hair spray.