Well Groomed

Well Groomed

With men’s grooming becoming big business and lots of brides-to-be asking me what they can get their man to ensure his skin is in tip top condition for the big day, I thought I’d get my very own guinea pig (aka hubby) to review some three-step skincare regimes at two very different price points. My husband is a tree surgeon so is out in all weathers and consequently suffers from very dry, irritated skin. For this reason he struggles to find skincare that replenishes enough of the moisture he loses to the elements. Below are his thoughts. This blog is not sponsored so the opinions are Matt’s own.

Save with: Bulldog’s Original skincare range

Original face wash: £4.50 for 150ml
The first thing Matt noticed about this face wash was its fresh clean smell. He is not a massive fan of scented products, but felt that this light fragrance was pleasant and in no way overpowering as with other products he has tried in the past. The wash has a gel consistency so it is easy to control the amount used, which only needs to be small – about the size of a 5p piece, meaning the tube will last a long time. The best thing about this face wash is that even before moisturising, my husband’s skin wasn’t left feeling dry and tight, which is often the case with men’s facial washes.
Original shave gel: £3.50 for 175ml
Shaving is a bugbear of Matt’s, because of the aforementioned dry and irritated skin problem. However, there are occasions when it must be done, like every weekend as I, and our small children, can’t stand the feel of rough stubble! The instructions are to wet the face and then massage the gel into the stubble. Matt was surprised at how little the product lathered, and suggested that a shaving brush might help this along if you particularly like a good lather, but, nevertheless, it did work a treat. The razor glided smoothly over his skin and again the product didn’t leave it feeling tight. The other thing Matt was impressed with is how well it washed off, leaving no residue as with some other shaving products. He considers this great value for money, particularly if you are a daily shaver.
Original moisturiser: £6.00 for 100ml
This was the product that Matt was very interested to try as he spends a fair amount of money on moisturisers and this is very inexpensive. He was very impressed with the formulation as the consistency was rich enough to really leave his skin well moisturised, yet light enough not to make it oily. He also mentioned his surprise at the fact that he only needed to use a small amount and said that he will definitely buy this one again. An added bonus with all the Bulldog products is that they are certified cruelty free and vegan and are full of natural ingredients and essential oils to deliver great performance with no nasties hidden in the ingredients list.

Splash out on: ClarinsMen skincare range

Active Face Wash Foaming Gel: £19.50 for 125ml
Matt was rather partial to the fresh and clean scent of this product. He did feel that the phrase ‘foaming gel’ was a bit misleading given the fact that the product barely produces a lather, however he was hugely impressed with its cleansing power and silky feel on his skin. After using this product, he noticed that his skin already felt moisturised and said that he would definitely continue to use this product daily.
Shave Ease Two-in-One Oil: £22.50 for 30ml
On being told the price of this product, Matt did balk a little, and I could see why as the bottle is only small. However, after a few applications, he remarked that he actually considers it pretty good value for money as you need such a small amount and it is so effective at preventing razor burn and leaving skin super soft with its blend of rosemary, eucalyptus and mint oils. It is possible to use this shaving oil with both a wet razor and an electric one, a bonus for those men who use a combination of shaving implements.
Line-Control Cream: £41 for 50ml
Matt has used the ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm before and really liked it, so he was interested to see how their anti-aging range shaped up. His first impressions were that it is very light and so he was concerned it wouldn’t be moisturising enough for his dry skin. But, despite its lightness, he said it still felt luxurious on his skin and left it well moisturised with the added bonus of being mattifying rather than leaving him shiny. This would make it a good choice for an occasion when lots of photographs are going to be taken, such as a wedding day! Clarins claim that this moisturiser blocks skin-damaging pollutants and helps to smooth out lines. Matt can’t comment on this yet as he has only been using the product for a week, but he certainly remains hopeful on this score!