Getting that Hollywood Smile by Chloe Campbell

Getting that Hollywood Smile by Chloe Campbell

At Blush! we do a lot of beauty product reviews, however this time I am going slightly off piste, though staying in the realms of aesthetics, and doing a teeth whitening review.

I have always wanted “a Hollywood smile” and after quitting smoking earlier this year, I decided now was the perfect opportunity to get it done. I was always quite conscious of the discolouration on my teeth and, as well as smoking for 5 years, I am an avid tea drinker, drinking on average 7 cups of tea a day. It came, therefore, as no surprise when my dentist told me my teeth were rather yellow for my age.

Now in the past I have tried every quick fix to whiten my teeth. Coconut oil pulling was less than effective and quite disgusting, despite the mint flavoured sachets that I used to get and I have gone through countless tubes of whitening toothpaste and mouthwash (which are surprisingly expensive for something that doesn’t appear to work). I have even tried whitening strips that I ordered online which seemed effective for all of two minutes.

Back to the dentist’s chair… I had two options: an in-chair treatment consisting of applying and reapplying layers of gel to my teeth and then blasting them with a light for 20 minutes, a treatment that all in all would take 2 and a half hours but would leave my teeth up to 6 shades whiter. The general consensus on this was that it was painful and, as someone who suffers from sensitive teeth anyway, I was hesitant to opt for this. The other option was overnight trays which I would fill with gel, pop them in myself and wear them overnight. Having recently had a client who had just had her teeth whitened this way and thoroughly recommended it, I decided to go down this route.

If anyone reading this has had braces, you will be familiar with the pink gooey hell that you have to endure in order to make a mould of your teeth. So once again I was sat in the chair of doom, trying not to gag and having flashbacks of being 15 and getting my train tracks fitted. Once this was over it took a few weeks to get my trays back. I then had a polish and scale and was sent home eager to try out my new whitening product. I walked away with a top and bottom tray and six syringes of whitening product, which I thought didn’t look enough but which my dentist assured me would be plenty.

After trying so many failed whitening products, I wasn’t expecting to see much of a difference. I was wrong. After my first night of the trays I could see a noticeable difference in the colour of my teeth. So much so, that even other people commented on them. I am now mid-way through my two weeks of whitening and everyday I wake up to noticeably whiter teeth. I have so far only used one of six syringes which has been a pleasant surprise. The dentist warned me of potential sensitivity which I haven’t experienced too much. I think as my teeth are sensitive anyway, I am used to them feeling a little tender so have only on occasion felt brief pangs of pain. Other than that, the only downside is that I have been advised to avoid tea, red wine, and coffee while using the gels as your teeth are more prone to staining.

Everyone is so impressed with the results, only halfway through the treatment, that a lot of my friends and family are considering getting it done. My mum has found a cheaper alternative and has bought online moulds that you send off and then receive the trays; she is going to use them with the “top up” whitening gels that you can buy from dentists to keep your teeth gleaming after a period of treatment. This is coming in at £100 cheaper than the way I did it but you can always trust mums to be savvy shoppers!


Missing out on tea for two weeks is entirely worth the results I have seen. So if you are considering whitening your teeth for your big day I 100% recommend it!

Just go to your dentist and skip the internet treatments.