Clarins Boosters – A Review

Clarins Boosters – A Review

This month, Chloe – Blush!’s leading London lady – is writing her first ever blog post on the new Clarins intensive skin care boosters.

As a make up artist you learn to realise that every brand has its stronger and weaker suits. Some brands are fantastic for foundation, where as others are better for pigments and powders. However when it comes to skin care my personal go-to is Clarins. The natural compounds that make up their wonderful products really help to keep my skin in top condition without containing anything harmful.

So it’s no surprise that when Clarins brought out a new range of intensive skin care boosters I just had to try them. After several trips to Boots trying to convince myself that I really didn’t need any more cosmetics, I finally gave in and bought one, and I must say that I am glad that I did. At the time my skin wasn’t at its best – hectic work schedules had left my skin looking dull and a bit of TLC was just what it needed.

Clarins Boosters

This range has three different types of boosters: “Energy”, “Detox” and “Repair”. I opted for the “Energy”, which contains a Chinese root called Ginseng that is reputed to stimulate the skin. Its a mix-and-match product: you simply add a few drops into your moisturiser, mask, or foundation. The idea is that it works with the products you already have, and compliments them by adding an intensive boost to help revitalise damaged skin. You can use it for a day, a week, or a month depending on what your skin needs. The recommended amount to apply is two drops which is ample; it gelled fantastically with my moisturiser and was wonderfully smooth to apply and very hydrating. It worked well under my makeup, not making the skin greasy at all, and prepped it fantastically. I have been using it for a week now and my skin looks so much better already. It is brighter, healthier and feels refreshed. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has neglected their skin due to a busy life style or anyone who just feels like their skin could do with a little spruce up.

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