All About Lashes and Brows

All About Lashes and Brows

In this second eye-based Instagram live, over at @gracebensonmua, we looked at lashes and brows. Here are the treatments and products we favour…


Nouveau Lashes LVL treatment, £39.50 at Blush! Beauty and Hair

Great for: Those who like a low maintenance, curled and separated lash look.

Not so good for: Those who like a voluminous false lash effect.

Penny loves it because: Not only does LVL curl, separate and lengthen your lashes because of the tinting process, but it also lasts 6-8 weeks with no maintenance except avoiding immersing your lashes in water for 24 hours after treatment. What’s not to love?!

Illamasqua Mascara in Raven, £18:

Great for: Those that like buildable volume in their mascaras.

Not so good for: Those that like different colour mascaras as this only comes in Black (or Raven!)

Grace loves it because: It gives really intense black, volumised lashes without smudging all day.

Revolution Focus and Fix brow palette, £2.50

Great for: Those who like high performance budget beauty.

Not so good for: Those who have very sparse brows.

Penny loves it because: It comes with three brow powders, a brow wax to keep them in place, a mini pair of tweezers and an application brush.

Beauty Pie Super Brow Luxe Precision Pencil, £20:

Great for: Giving hair like definition for your brows.

Not so good for: Those who have to fill in their whole brows – such a precise, small pencil could be quite tricky.

Grace loves it because: The really small tip makes it easy to draw soft, feather-like strokes to fill your brows.

MAC Eyebrows Styler, £16.50

Great for: Those who need to fill in any gaps.

Not so good for: Those who like a very strong, blocked out brow.

Penny loves it because: The pencil is very hard and extremely thin allowing you to mimic the individual hairs of the brow. It also comes with a spookiest to brush through the brows.

Glossier Boy Brow, £14:

Great for: Those who want really easy, fluffy, full brows.

Not so good for: Those who want to use it every day – the size of it is not huge so it won’t last long.

Grace loves it because: It keeps your brows in place all day.  It can also be added over the top of other products (like Superbrow above) or worn on its own.