The Importance of Exfoliating – Chloe Campbell

The Importance of Exfoliating – Chloe Campbell

In the last few years makeup has blown up in a big way. If you’re anything like me you marvel at the sheer magnitude of photos, tutorials and videos on social media. 

Makeup used to be about producing a more polished version of yourself, but since this beauty boom it has become a whole lot more creative. Amongst the millions of smoky eye snaps, you will see artists who can literally transform their faces through intricate body painting and clever shading and contouring. However, what you don’t see are the many apps they use to brighten their eyes and smooth out their skin creating a flawless finish. Unfortunately we can’t all walk round with filters on us in real life giving us pristine complexions, but we can help our skin to look at its best without the help of technology. 

Whether you’re simply applying your own day to day makeup, prepping for a big event or getting yourself wedding day ready, the secret to creating a flawless finish with your makeup is to start with a good canvas: your skin. The ever changing weather affects your skin more than you realise, and as seasons roll into one another this period of change often causes dryness and flaking. This can often turn into an uphill battle of you constantly applying thick and intensive masks, oils and creams to try and keep on top of the dryness, but it won’t help with the flaking. 

Exfoliating not only removes the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin but it also helps to improve your blood circulation, smoothes your skin and gives it a healthy glow. There are several ways of incorporating exfoliating into your skincare routine: using a face scrub once or twice a week, using a hot cloth cleanser every day or even splashing out on a facial cleansing brush.

Often when I am with clients I ask them if they ever exfoliate their lips. This is often met with an inquisitive look or the baffled response of, “I didn’t know you could exfoliate your lips?!”. Well, you can! Your lips, though more sensitive than the rest of your face, are still covered in skin and therefore can be exfoliated too. Some beauty gurus suggest using your own facial scrub on your lips, wetting them and then using a little product on a cotton pad and exfoliating in a circular motion. However, this can be a little too harsh for your lips, and given that facial products are often heavily perfumed it can leave an awful taste in your mouth if any accidentally gets past your lips. Luckily for us there are taste proof products and techniques that are custom made to leave you with luscious lips.

One of the first lips scrubs that I ever tried, and still to this day use on myself and clients, is an edible sugar lip scrub from Lush. It comes in a variety of sweetened flavours such as honey, mint and bubblegum and is a pretty mild scrub that dissolves slightly as you apply it, so it won’t leave you with sore lips. You apply it with you fingers and work it into your lips in a circular motion. I have since discovered that many other brands do similar products such as MAC and Bliss however you really get your money’s worth with Lush and I am still working my way through my first pot! 

It can seem a lot of extra effort to exfoliate, but I promise, just a couple of minutes several times a week will make a huge difference to the way your makeup looks. And the feeling of softness exfoliating leaves you with is pretty addictive too!