How to… do soft and peachy ‘20s makeup.

How to… do soft and peachy ‘20s makeup.

Many of my brides come to me with pictures of Sybil and Mary from Downton Abbey and Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby, wanting to replicate the understated glamour of the twenties while keeping their makeup look fresh and modern. For those of you going it alone on your wedding day, or wanting to perfect the look for every day or another special occasion, I thought I’d do a ‘How to’…

1. Lightly smooth mattifying primer over the face and jaw line, paying particular attention to the T-zone.

2. Apply a light foundation (I love Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow) from the centre of the face to the outer edges using fingertips for light coverage or a brush for a more ‘made-up’ look. Blend carefully around the ears, hairline and underneath the jaw.

3. Dot concealer underneath, and in the corners of, the eyes, around the nose and any other areas that need coverage.

4. Swirl a large brush lightly loaded with translucent powder over the skin. Use a little at a time, re-loading the brush for each new area of the face. The powder should not be visible as a film but should be buffed well into the skin.

5. Apply an eye primer to the eyelids followed by a flesh toned shadow all the way up to the brow bone to prevent shadow creasing.

6. Brush a pinky gold shadow over the eyelids up to the crease (I love Bobbi Brown’s Rose Gold), then use a clean blending brush to soften the line of the shadow. If you wish, a matte, bone coloured eye shadow can be blended just below the brow bone for added definition.

7. With a soft tipped brown eye pencil, and short, feathery strokes, draw a thin line as close to the top lashes as possible. Soften the line by pressing a darker brown shadow over the top using a thin tipped brush. The same shadow should be used to line the lower lashes – but forgo the pencil here.

8. Apply two coats of black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

9. Use a brow pencil to define the shape of the brows, then brush through.

10. Using a peachy toned, nude powder blush, (Bobbi Brown’s Nude Peach is perfect) smile at yourself in a mirror and swirl the blush over the apples of the cheeks, blending gently towards the temples.

11. Line and fill in the lips with a nude liner to create an effective lipstick base.

12. Apply a pink toned, nude lipstick to the entire lip area using a lip brush. Blot, powder and reapply up to three times, finishing with a layer of colour.

13. Spritz finishing spray over the face to ensure your makeup does not slide (Makeup For Ever’s Mist and Fix is brilliant).