Manly or just too Metro…?

It is part of most women’s daily routine to cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply a little concealer, if nothing else, before they face the world. But what about men? Is it really fair of us to enhance our best features and disguise the telltale signs of stress and late nights while expecting our other halves to go au naturel? When it comes to male grooming, how much is too much?
I remember when I was a child, and my father’s idea of grooming was to wash his face with soap and water and run a comb through his hair. Twenty years on and there are whole aisles and product ranges just for men, from gel, wax, clay, putty, styling creams and mousse for hair to anti-aging, hydrating, sun protective, day and night moisturisers for skin. Not to mention a whole host of styling tools, from hair clippers and beard trimmers to mini straighteners.
And now, taking it one step further, Tom Ford, arguably the most impeccably turned out man in British fashion, is launching his own range of grooming products, Tom Ford for Men. This capsule range, which will be launched in October of this year, is said to feature a cleanser, moisturiser, eye treatment, mud mask, concealer and bronzing gel as well as two new fragrances.
Now, in the 21st century we are no stranger to men’s skincare, but concealer and bronzing gel? Ford has defended his range, saying “I know so many guys — gay, straight, whatever — who steal a woman’s concealer and dab a little on their fingers when no one is looking. It just makes skin look better.” And speaking to friends of mine, they agree. “My husband would never admit to it”, reveals one friend who shall remain nameless, “but he has definitely used my concealer before to cover a spot for a night out and hoped I wouldn’t notice.” Another tells me that her boyfriend has used her YSL Touche Eclat to hide his dark circles on a couple of occasions. And why not?
Personally, I would hate to have to wear my early morning face all day long. I feel so much better with a smidge of concealer under my eyes. I’d probably draw the line at my husband smoothing on bronzing gel of a morning, but concealer? Bring it on!