Happy New Hair!

Happy New Hair!

With evenings not getting any lighter, it’s time to ward off winter blues by indulging yourself in some glamorous grooming. Don’t let the cooler months be an excuse to pull on your tracksuit bottoms and curl up with the cocoa – go out and greet the season feeling fabulous! Here are Blush’s five new hair resolutions everyone should be able to keep…

1. Schedule all hair appointments right now. If you can afford to go once a month, do it and alternate your services. One month get a deep conditioning treatment and a fringe trim if you are sporting bangs, the next month go back for a cut and blow dry. If that sounds too much, just book your regular 6-8 week appointments – it will save nightmares trying to find an appointment that suits you when you really need your hair cutting.

2. Love your locks once a week with a deep conditioning treatment to give hair a healthy boost, and use a regeneration treatment monthly to cleanse away all dead and broken hair and give an invaluable collagen boost. Blush! loves Moroccan Oil Light Hydrating Mask and Clynol’s Regenerate Intensive Collagen Treatment.

3. Invest in the best and stop using brushes and combs well past their use by date. Spend some of your Christmas cash on hairbrushes to suit your style and a wide toothed comb for detangling your wet tresses. Blush! loves Denman brushes for excellent quality at affordable prices.

4. Limit your use of the straightening irons to every other working day and give your hair weekends off to improve condition if it’s looking lifeless. If you can’t live without a poker straight finish, book a blow drying lesson to learn how to achieve a smooth finish for longer.

5. It’s worth remembering that hair needs oxygen (the roots are alive) and physical activity will get the blood flowing freely around the body, transporting all the oxygen and nutrients required for cell renewal and growth. Of course this requires a little effort but the best bit is it’s totally free!