Happy New Hair!

Happy New Hair!

Start 2016 as you mean to go on with 10 new year hair resolutions that will keep your locks looking luscious all year long!

1.Have your hair cut every 6-8 weeks even if you are trying to grow it.

2.Constantly wearing your hair in a ponytail or just leaving it loose all the time are so easy to do but it does get a bit boring. Dare to be different – go for a brand new hairstyle to really turn heads. Try a log bob à la Cheryl or a choppy graduated bob for more of a fashion forward look.

3.Add some carefully placed colour to brighten up your complexion and highlight your style.

4.Invest in proper products specially formulated for your hair type.

5.Use a deep conditioning treatment every week.

6.Stop brushing your hair when it is wet. Instead use a wide-toothed comb.

7.Use some of that Christmas money to treat yourself to some natural bristle brushes – they will leave your locks so much smoother!

8.Spritz your tresses with a heat protective spray before you use straighteners or tongs.

9.Leave the heated appliances for the weekend as they are very damaging to your hair.

10.Give your hair a day off once a week. Let your locks dry naturally and forgo the styling products. If your hair needs taming, why not hide it under a chic winter hat?