Getting Gorgeous on The Big Day

Getting Gorgeous on The Big Day

Now that the question has been popped and you are busy planning your perfect day, it is all too easy to be distracted by details of menus, venues, cars and cakes. But spare a thought, and some time out, for yourself amongst all the preparation. After all, it is you and your new husband who will be centre stage, and you will want to look your radiant best.

As soon as you have an idea of your big day budget, decide whether you will be hiring a makeup artist or wielding the brushes alone. If the former, have your trial earlier rather than later – if you don’t like your bridal look, this gives you time to find somebody else. When you go for your trial, make sure that you take along some magazine cuttings of looks that you love. Photographs of your dress, head piece and general theme will also give your makeup artist a good idea of the feel of your wedding. If you decide that you will be applying your own makeup on the big day, do contemplate booking in for a makeup lesson and practise, practise practise! Take photographs of your finished makeup so that you are happy with your look both on and off screen. Cameras tend to strip makeup so you will probably find that you need a little more than you would usually wear.

If you can afford it, book yourself in for a series of facials six months before your big day. Not only can they help to improve the appearance of your skin by getting rid of dead skin cells, revealing the fresh, bright skin underneath, but they are also a fantastic way for you to relax and forget about the 101 other things you have to do in preparation for your wedding day. You should also establish a proper skin care routine as soon as possible, including cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and evening and exfoliating twice a week. Using quality products will really make a difference to the appearance of your skin. I highly recommend Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, which removes even stubborn makeup and is ‘polished’ off with a muslin cloth leaving skin glowing and super soft.

On the morning of your wedding day, cleanse, tone and moisturise as usual, making sure that any dry patches – typically under the eyes and on the cheeks – receive special attention. Leave your moisturiser to be absorbed for about 30 minutes if at all possible before any makeup is applied – this will help to avoid your makeup sliding, especially if you are getting married in the heat! Always use a primer to give your foundation an even base and to help prevent it from being absorbed into your skin, and complete your look with a spritz of finishing spray to guarantee that your makeup will last until you are finally ready to fall into bed.

Although, if well applied, your makeup should last all day and night, it is advisable to ask someone to carry some emergency supplies for you. Blotting papers or a small powder compact will combat shine, blusher immediately refreshes your skin if you are beginning to look tired and finally, with all that kissing you’ll be doing, don’t forget your lipgloss!

  1. Woow you have included some great tips. I think that wedding day is one of the most important days in life – and of course that is why we need to take care of our look the best way we can. Do you agree?

    K. Primm

    • I absolutely agree! And half the battle is good skin and hair preparation leading up to the big day.