Fresh and Fabulous Festival hair!

Fresh and Fabulous Festival hair!

The festival season is upon us and hair is always one of a girl’s biggest worries with up to three days of shampooless styling ahead. But don’t despair – Blush! has ten top tips to keep your festival hair fresh and fabulous.

1. In the two months leading up to the festival, wash your hair a maximum of every other day to get it used to being washed less frequently.

2. In the preceding month, use a baby or children’s shampoo such as Earth Friendly Baby’s Chamomile Shampoo and Bodywash, £5.99. These are more gentle than adult shampoos and don’t strip your hair so help it to regulate its oil production.

3. Day 1 is a breeze so go loose! If you have medium or longer length hair, braid your hair on day 2 to minimise oil production and to give you tousled, beachy waves for day 3.

4. On day 3, use Schwarzkopf’s OSiS Session Label Salt Spray, £12.85. Lightly spritz into the hair and scrunch to achieve effortlessly cool beach waves.

5. For short hair, ditch gloopy/greasy styling products. Texturising powder products are great as they are quite dry unlike traditional wax which looks greasy if left in more than a day. Blush! loves Schwarzkopf’s OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder, £12.95.

6. If you must brush your hair, use a boar bristle brush such as the Goody Finish Boar Hair Styler, £7.99. Oil magically clings to boar bristles so greasy roots are minimised.

7. Dry shampoo is a festival must, but make sure that you choose the right colour for your hair tone. The original white dry shampoo can make anything but the blondest hair look very grey. Blush! loves Batiste’s Dry Shampoo, £3.99.

8. If you have a fringe which just won’t wait ‘til you get home for a wash, just rub in a tiny amount of shampoo and rinse with a big bottle of water on day 2 or 3.

9. Distract, distract, distract. A boho flower coronet, retro head scarf or cheeky trilby work wonders when it comes to hiding oily roots.

10. When you get home, treat your long suffering locks to a double shampoo with a cleansing shampoo such as Moroccanoil’s Clarifying shampoo, £18.45 and a conditioning masque such as Moroccanoil’s Intense Hydrating Masque, £24.75.