Fresh and Dewy

Fresh and Dewy

This season is all about dewy, fresh, youthful skin and the prettiest of pastels. But however good your makeup artist is, or however good you are with makeup, you can only work with what is in front of you, so start looking after your skin now and you really will see the difference on your big day.

Skin care:

First of all make sure that you have a really good skin care routine morning and evening. Ditch the facewipes – they don’t cleanse your face properly and tend to either leave an oily film on your face or strip your skin of its natural oils leaving you with dry patches. Invest in the best skin care you can afford and include a cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream as the bare minimum. Serums can also be layered to address particular skin concerns. If you would like a personalised skincare regime putting together, please give me a call here at Blush! and I will put together a list of product recommendations using the incredible DermaQuest range.

If you can afford it, schedule in a facial every 4-6 weeks. Look for a facialist who uses a cosmeceutical brand such as DermaQuest. Cosmeceutical brands are specially formulated to penetrate the skin down to the seventh layer so get to work where it really counts, whereas salon spa or beauty counter brands tend only to work with the top three, superficial layers of the skin.


When applying makeup, a radiance primer is a fantastic base for a dewy skin look. If your skin is very dry, this should be applied all over the face; if your skin is oily or combination, apply just to the cheeks and temples and use an oil free, mattifying primer over your T-zone. Your base should be as light as it can be – think tinted moisturisers such as BareMinerals Complexion Rescue or very light foundations, for example Chanel Vitalumiere – great for dry skin, or NARS Sheer Glow – a medium weight foundation that provides good coverage but a dewy finish, ideal for combination skin. Powder sparingly and just over the T-zone and anywhere you have used concealer. Lastly, use a cream or liquid highlighter to give a natural glow to the tops of your cheekbones. Pastels hit centre stage every Spring and makeup trends are no different this year. With bridal hair trends becoming more undone and naturally tousled, soft, ethereal makeup is a beautiful pairing. Think luminous skin, sheer washes of colour on the eyes and a pale, rose inspired flush on the cheeks and lips. Nude pink is the easiest colour to wear on the eyes and a bronze liner works well to define them and stop the look from becoming too washed out. Lilac, pale green or nude eyeliner can look stunning used on your lower waterline to brighten the eyes and add a hint of pastel that isn’t too overpowering. On the cheeks, cream or liquid blush really works in synergy with the skin to create a very natural looking flush and consider balmy textures on the lips for a just bitten effect that isn’t going to transfer to your new husband!