Blush! reviews… Simply Argan Pure Organic Argan Oil

Blush! reviews… Simply Argan Pure Organic Argan Oil

(Please note this is not sponsored so the review is my own, unbiased opinion.)

Having heard so much about the benefits to the skin of argan oil, and having already discovered a holiday scented, argan oil leave in conditioner spray, which I love, I was excited when I received my bottle of Simply Argan pure, organic argan oil to try.

Simply Argan says: Argan Oil is an amazing, multi-purpose beauty oil from Morocco. It was once a secret of the Berber tribes, but now it has been catapulted into the spotlight as one of today’s must have hair and skin treatments. Argan oil is an amazing product for: lines and wrinkles; scars; stretch marks; acne; age spots; psoriasis and eczema; dry/frizzy/damaged hair. It can also be used for a luxury bath.

Blush! says: I decided to really put the Simply Argan argan oil to the test by giving it to my husband to try on his face at night for a month, while I tested its myriad of other uses. My husband has extremely dry, chapped skin as he works outdoors every day, and the wet, windy we have had recently, exacerbated when one is 50ft up in a tree, has not been kind to his poor skin. He was a little skeptical at first as the cream he had been using was extremely thick unlike the oil, and he was also a bit dubious about rubbing oil into his face as he assumed it would make his skin greasy. However, when warmed between the fingers and massaged into the skin, the oil is a ‘dry’ oil and so leaves no greasy residue. Within a week he had noticed a difference, and I was extremely impressed with the pretty much instantaneous effect. Just to test the argan oil further, my husband then took it away with him skiing, where the dry cold would usually play havoc with his skin, and he returned, saying it was ‘brilliant’.
I decided to test the argan oil where I most needed it – my lips, hands and hair. Instead of my usual nightly lip balm and hand cream, I applied argan oil and, like my husband, noticed an almost instant difference. My chapped lips were smooth within a few days and the dry skin on my hands was softened immediately. After a couple of weeks I stopped using the argan oil, and very soon my lips and hands had reverted to their former state so I was very quickly back to using it, much to my husband’s annoyance! I used the Simply Argan argan oil as a hair treatment last weekend. The enclosed leaflet says that you can leave the oil on for 30 minutes or overnight. I plumped for the shorter treatment and massaged a small amount from the roots to the tips of my hair. I wrapped it in a warm towel and, after half an hour, washed it out. I did need to wash my hair 3-4 times to shampoo out any residue, however my locks were left soft, shiny and perfectly conditioned. As for the luxury bath, I’ll have to wait for my husband to go out for the evening so I can steal ‘his’ oil!
Simply Argan pure, organic argan oil is, in my opinion, one of the best multi-use products currently on the market and is a snip at £21 for 50ml (currently on offer for a bargain £14) This amount has lasted my husband six weeks so far and he is not even halfway through the bottle so it should last at least three months when used as a night cream.

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