Blush! reviews… Envy Dual Fix 12

Blush! reviews… Envy Dual Fix 12

(Please note this is not sponsored so the review is my own, unbiased opinion.)

Just over a month ago I was sent a bottle of Envy Dual Fix 12 to sample and review. This came at a great time, being just before Christmas and in the middle of winter when my waist length hair is at its most dry, brittle and flyaway. A super busy schedule meant that I couldn’t find the time to have a festive trim and conditioning treatment, so I hung my hopes of party worthy, glossy locks upon this product!

Envy says: Discover the professional salon treatment with 12 incredible benefits: amazing shine; helps repair damage; weightless silk effect; easier detangling; helps rehydrate hair; improves styling and blow dry results; thicker fuller feel; helps reduce frizz; rejuvenates tired colour; hair feels stronger; reduces the appearance of split ends; lasts for weeks.

Blush! says: Honestly, I thought one product managing all of the above was a long shot, but I’m always game to give anything beauty wise a go. There are two different methods of using Dual Fix 12. The first is a monthly application. You apply the product generously to the hair and blow dry until completely dry to activate the product. Then rinse, shampoo twice and condition as normal. This is what I decided to go for as my hair was in dire need of some TLC.
The product is a foam consistency so application is not at all messy. You do need to use a generous amount as instructed so don’t be shy, but due to the frothy consistency, even when you feel that you have used most of the bottle, in reality there is still a lot left even when treating long locks like mine. I combed through with a wide toothed comb to distribute the product evenly and blow dried as instructed.
I did feel a bit silly immediately jumping into the shower to wash it out again but it did leave a coating after application so this is an important part of the process. I have to admit that after the first wash I did feel a bit apprehensive as I could still feel the product on my hair, but a second wash did the trick and I conditioned as usual. I dutifully blow dried for a second time and… was amazed by the results!
Everything that was claimed on the bottle was true – I could get a brush through my hair easily without pulling half of it out, it looked shiny, smooth and full and my split ends looked freshly trimmed. Even my husband commented on how nice my hair looked! And the results did last for a good three weeks, at which point I decided to use Dual Fix 12 as per the second method – as a one minute treatment applied to wet hair and then shampooed out. The results I had experienced at first were back and I still had lots left over for another intensive treatment this week.
All in all, I loved this product and I would buy it. The only gripe I have is, that for a product which is mainly aimed at women, the packaging is starkly masculine – a black bottle with a fluorescent green lid. I understand green for envy but, to be honest, this wouldn’t catch my eye on the shelf as I would assume it was for my husband. Prettier packaging would go a long way towards girl appeal.

Fab for: An at home, salon finish product which leaves hair super soft and shiny and lasts for a good three weeks.
Not so good for: Those who are fussy about the look of their products on their bathroom shelf. A more girly feel to the packaging would be nice.