Blush! reviews… Clynol

Blush! reviews… Clynol

When Hannah at LWPR sent me some Clynol styling goodies to review, I was very excited as I had used several of their hair care products before (my favourites being their summer shampoo and conditioner) and the Sleek serum, which I love. I have used the products over the last month or so and my thoughts and views are below… (Please note this is not sponsored so the reviews are my own, unbiased opinions.)

Powder Punch Volumising Powder (Hold level 2/5)
Clynol says: Just shake a little of the silica-based powder into dry hair to add unbelievable volume in an instant and lift hair right from the roots… with a spell-binding matt finish.
Blush! says: I am forever backcombing women’s hair, so was interested to see whether this product would decrease the intensity of backcombing required to achieve the same look.
Style 1: A Brigitte Bardot inspired party pony. For this look, I sprinkled the powder directly into my client’s roots and lightly backcombed. The instant root lift was fantastic, and the matte finish meant that her fine hair looked naturally voluminous and not too overstyled.
Style 2: A Cheryl Cole-esque big, bouncy ‘do. After giving my client a curly blowdry, I sprinkled some of the powder onto my hands and rubbed together before massaging into the roots of her hair. This created a natural lift for real celebrity style.
Style 3: A tousled short style. One of my clients wanted a ‘sexy bedhead’ look for her cropped hair but hated the shiny finish of wax and the thickness of putty. Once again, I sprinkled the powder into my palms, rubbed together and massaged through the hair to create a textured, matte, undone finish.
Fab for: A matte, natural finish with lots of oomph; a range of styles and hair types.
Not so good for: Those who are a bit heavy handed as some product can be wasted when pouring into palms first.

Waxy Soft Wax (Hold level 2/5)
Clynol says: This wax works into dry hair to help shape, mould, texturise and shine to suit your mood – use it to calm down hair when it’s going crazy, muss-up a look that‘s gone a bit flat or sort out a bit of face-framing texture.
Blush! says: I am generally not a massive fan of soft wax as it tends to slip over time and cause hair to look limp and lifeless. However, I have used this several times on various different hair lengths and it has really stood up to its competitors. On longer hair, the tiniest smidgen, warmed between your fingertips, works brilliantly to combat frizz, while on very short, choppy styles, an enviably stylish and textured finish can be very quickly achieved.
Fab for: Very short crops and dry, frizz-prone locks.
Not so good for: Longer cropped styles as the hold just isn’t strong enough.

Tweek Shaping Soufflé (Hold level 5/5)
Clynol says: It’s the smartest way to get a gravity-defying lift and an edgy finish with film-forming polymers that set you up for creating texture and extreme spikes… Matt, texture, shape and spiky hold.
Blush! says: I gave this to my husband to try as I don’t very often get asked to style cropped hair into spikes due to it usually being the domain of men. His hair had grown very long – a good three inches – and even DAX Wax wasn’t holding it in place. The first thing he noticed was how nice it smelt and then that it didn’t feel ‘gluey’ in his hair. He used it both on dry and damp hair and both times, he managed to form his hair into funky spikes which lasted the day and night. The next morning, he successfully remoulded it without any extra product, and again it lasted all day, which means it gets a massive thumbs up from him!
Fab for: Long crops and spiky styles.
Not so good for: Men who worry about their manly image. ‘Soufflé’ is not a very masculine name – as this product appears to be mainly aimed at men’s styles, it would be great if the name reflected this.

Twist Curl Cream (Hold level 2/5)
Clynol says: This is a cream that slicks on and twists in, to make every curl feel like it’s the only one in the world. Barbary fig flower extract and panthenol hydrate and add unbelievable shine and… we’ve added in all the powerful defenders you need to hold back heat damage while you style.
Blush! says: I have loved using this curl cream for beautifully defined party styles – when applied to damp hair it eliminates frizz and adds bounce and shine. It also smells amazing! I found that for voluminous styles, I needed to use extra product in the form of a volume mousse, spray or root boost powder, but nothing I have used in the past beats this for definition and high gloss shine.
Fab for: Beautifully defined, glossy curls.
Not so good for: Those who want to add volume to fine hair.

Clynol can be purchased at salons nationwide as well as in online boutiques.