Wedding Fair Tips by Chloe Campbell

Wedding Fair Tips by Chloe Campbell

As wedding season looms on the horizon we are now in the peak time for wedding fairs. Spanning autumn, winter and early spring, not a weekend goes by where a bride-to-be doesn’t have the choice of multiple fairs to attend. Wedding fairs are a great way for suppliers to show off their wares and drum up new business as well as maintain good ongoing relationships with organisers and venues. They are also a great place for couples to source suppliers, but they can also be extremely daunting, so here is my guide on how to ace a wedding fair.

Don’t plan too far in advance:

Recently at wedding fairs I have been meeting brides who aren’t getting married until 2020, and while it is good to be prepared, too much time to sweat over every decision and detail can be counter productive. Between now and your actual wedding day your taste and ideas could change drastically as trends move on and Pinterest shows you ever more ideas, so there is no point in meeting suppliers too far in advance.

Don’t leave it too late: 

For every bride that I meet who is getting married in 2020, I meet one who is getting married this year. I’ve often come across brides even getting married within the next month or so and haven’t booked everything they need. Leaving things to the last minute means making snap decisions and not overthinking things too much. However if you are a “fly by the seat of your pants” type then don’t be surprised if the vendor you really want is already booked up. Remember the 2020 brides who may have already booked that perfect makeup artist two years in advance, or that florist who may already have too many jobs that weekend if your big day is in peak season. A general rule is to book suppliers around 12-18 months in advance for peak wedding times and around a year in advance for out of season weddings.

Know what you want: 

While this is a great occasion to meet suppliers who you never even knew existed and find that giant selfie mirror you never knew you needed, don’t get bamboozled by the vast number of stalls all trying to draw you in. Know what you want and what you’re looking for and try to stick to your list as much as possible, at least on the first circuit, so as not to get distracted and go too far over your budget.

And finally… Bring the right companion:

Whether it be your fiancé who is hands on and wants to be a part of all wedding decisions or your Mum or bridesmaid who you’re bringing along for a second opinion, make sure you choose wisely. Often I chat to excited brides while fiancés stand awkwardly in the background looking like they wish they could be anywhere else right now, or I try to have a conversation with the bride while overexcited mums tell their daughters what they should have. Bring someone who’s going to be supportive and help you to make crucial choices, not someone who is going to try to make them for you.